Home of your new neighborhood Vietnamese rice noodle soup café

The founders of Pholicious have a long history in the Phở business, dating back to 1965, when the family business was first established in the South Vietnam city of Saigon.

Today, we are proud to bring this culinary delight to your community as a healthy, delicious alternative to regular fast food fare.

Imagine enjoying a hot, steamy bowl of Phở in just 5 minutes!

Select from a choice or beef, chicken, or vegetarian broth to serve over your fresh-made rice noodles. Choose from lean beef, chicken (white or dark meat), seafood mix, or our unique vegetarian medley. Complete your bowl to your taste with a variety of fresh herbs, vegetables, and tasty sauces for a unique culinary experience.

And don’t forget your friends and family, with our convenient “Phở-To-Go©” packs. With easy to follow instructions, preparing Phở is quick and easy at home, office, or dorm room. And to complement your bowl of Phở with an order of our Fresh Spring Rolls, handmade daily.



Pholicious is located in CA, FL, GA, KY, MA, MD, NC, NJ, OH, OR, PA, TX, VA and continue to expand over 50 states of America.
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